Group/Company Classes

Boost Business Safety and Savings with Group/Company Classes

We know that safe driving practices are not only good for individuals but also for businesses. Our Group/Company Classes can have a significant positive impact on your company's bottom line.

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Why Invest in Safe Driving?

According to OSHA, a single crash can cost an employer an average of $16,500. This cost rises dramatically when injuries or fatalities are involved. Implementing a driver safety program is a minimal investment compared to these costs.

Returns on Investment

Every dollar invested in workplace safety can return $3.

9 out of 10 time-loss injuries happen off the job, impacting productivity.

Fewer collisions reduce company vehicle insurance costs.

The course is a low-cost employee benefit and a team-building opportunity.

Completion also reduces up to 4 DMV Driving Infraction Points for the student.

Course completion can lower employees' personal insurance costs.

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Course Objectives , Topics, & Instructor Credentials

Our engaging and fun course equips participants with vital defensive driving techniques, an understanding of speed regulations, the importance of vehicle safety, and much more. Ray Ammerman, a Certified New York State Defensive Driving Instructor and Master Trainer delivers a captivating class that promises no snoozing!

Hosting a Class: What You Need

A classroom or conference room for 25-40 students.

Sufficient parking and adequate restroom facilities.

A minimum attendance of 25 students, a maximum of 40.

Tuition: $35 per student (subject to change).

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Class Details

Duration: 6 hours in one day or two 3-hour sessions.

Morning and afternoon breaks with a half-hour lunch break.

No written or final exam.

The Fastest Certificates in the Business (issued in only 1-2 weeks).

10% Discount on Auto and Motorcycle  Liability and Collision Premiums for 3 years.

Up to a 4-Point Reduction of DMV Violation Points.

Getting Started

New York State requires a minimum of 30 days notice to schedule a class. Payment is made on the day of the class. Pre-registration is required to ensure the minimum class size of 25 students, though walk-ins are welcome provided it does not lead to a class size exceeding 40 students.

Ready to invest in your employees' safety and your company's future? Call us at (716) 440-8440 to schedule a class. Drive forward with Safe Driver Academy!

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Join our Defensive Driving Program and start enjoying lower auto and motorcycle insurance premiums, reduced DMV violation points, and a fun learning experience. Choose from our online courses or be a part of our engaging classroom sessions. Call us now at (716) 440-8440 to schedule your class.

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